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Vinyl is an excellent alternative to either carpets or wooden flooring. Designed to resemble either wood or stone flooring, they have all the aesthetic appeal of the materials they are emulating without any of the high maintenance that sometimes goes with them.

 •  Often resembles stone and wood

 •  Has texture

 •  Is practical

 •  Durable and hardwearing

 •  Provides cushioning for the feet

 •  A cheaper alternative to the real thing

"The vinyl flooring is brilliant quality, and my relations have commented how mine looks so much better than their recent purchases from elsewhere."

Why choose vinyl?

Make a style statement

Not to be confused with old-fashioned lino, vinyl is the choice for modern homes where the owners want something that is practical yet beautiful. Ideal for use all over the home, it can also be teamed with other flooring, such as high quality carpets or hardwood floors. Give us a call to view our selection of vinyl flooring or to get a quotation.

A convenient and modern choice

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring will allow you to do just this. Sophisticated in its manufacture, vinyl is now available in a range of quality designs, from textured stone and wood to high impact contemporary patterns and metallics. Get the look without having to work hard for it.

Practical and hardwearing quality vinyl flooring.

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